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Skin Facts & How it Affects Your Complexion

skin layers
What is Skin?

Did you know? Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It covers and protects us from external elements, regulates body temperature and gives us a sense of touch.



It consists of a total of 7 layers – the upper 5 layers form the epidermis, followed by the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue.

 The barrier on top of our skin is called the hydrolipidic film, which consists of an aqueous phase and a lipid phase. This skin barrier prevents moisture loss and acts as a shield against free radicals, which can damage collagen and lead to premature ageing of the skin. Hence, it is essential to maintain a good balance between the aqueous and lipid phase.


Our Skin’s Renewal Cycle

Skin renewal takes place when the outer layers of the epidermis consisting of dead cells flake off. They are replaced by new cells produced in the basal layers which move upward toward the skin’s surface.

 On average, the skin renewal cycle takes 21 to 28 days. As we grow older, the cycle slows down to 45 to 60 days when we are in our 40s or 50s. It slows further to 60 to 90 days when we reach 50 to 60 years of age.


What Affects Our Skin Complexion?

The accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface may cause:

  • Compromised structure (i.e., lines, wrinkles and sagging)
  • Dull appearance, lack of radiance
  • Blemishes due to trapped bacteria

Other factors that may contribute to deterioration of the skin renewal cycle are hormones, nutrition, sun exposure, illness, stress and etc.


Why is a Good Skin Care Routine Important?

A good skin care routine, together with healthy lifestyle choices, help to maintain an average of 21 to 28 days skin renewal cycle.

 When the skin surface is made of newer cells, the skin feels softer, looks radiant and has lesser fine lines and wrinkles.


Essential Skin Care Routine

A basic, essential skin care routine should consist of the following steps:

  1. Cleanse with a suitable foaming/non-foaming cleanser
  2. Tone with a protective toner
  3. Treat with targeted products such as a facial serum
  4. Moisturise with a suitable lightweight cream during the day and a richer one at night
  5. Sun screen should be applied in the morning, even if you’re staying indoors!

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